Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Questions About Our 20-Day Divorce Services in Florida

  • General

    • Why Should I Use Your Firm?

      You have the choice of using any attorney you want to handle your divorce. However, if you want a fast, affordable, and easy process, we recommend Jeffrey A. Rapkin, Esq. Jeff will answer all of your questions, explain each step as you go along, draft and file everything needed, and you will never have to enter the courthouse. On the day your divorce is filed, it will be complete according to Florida law and ready to be reviewed and signed by a judge.

      Jeff has been in practice for over 25 years and has successfully completed thousands of divorces for Floridians in Port Charlotte, Port Charlotte County, Sarasota County, and all across the state. You can complete your divorce in one meeting with Jeff at his office or via video from your home. Once your divorce is finalized, you will receive the Final Judgment by mail or email.

      Ready to get started? Contact our firm online or at (941) 304-1775 to set up your free consultation with our Port Charlotte lawyer for divorce today.

    • What Is Included in Your Flat Fee?

      The following are included:

      • Document drafting for you
      • Document drafting for your spouse
      • Notarization fee for documents
      • County Clerk’s fees
      • Name changes for wife
      • Preparation of the Final Judgment
      • Filing of all documents
    • My Spouse Has Already Filed Against Me. What Do I Do?

      We recommend that you talk to our attorney as soon as possible. He can help you understand the filing and the terms of the petition. Don’t wait too long. A default judgment may be filed against you, awarding your spouse all of the terms he or she has entered into the petition.

    • What if My Spouse and I Don’t Have an Agreement About Our Divorce Issues Yet?

      Attorney Rapkin is a Supreme Court Certified Mediator who can likely help. You will need to discuss your situation directly with him so that he can advise you on what to do.

    • Can the Divorce Actually Be Completed in 20 Days?

      Your divorce will be ready for the Judge’s signature as soon as all the documentation is electronically filed and processed by the Clerk’s office. However, you must wait 20 days before the Judge can sign the Final Judgment. If the judge is in a trial, pressed for time, on vacation, or in another county, and cannot sign immediately, it may take a day or two more. When it gets signed will depend on the availability of the judge.

    • Why Is the Normal Divorce Process So Slow?

      It is slow because of the painful pace of the “usual” legal process that involves many steps. These steps include:

      • The petition is filed by one of the spouses
      • The petition and the accompanying documents are processed
      • A summons is drafted and issued
      • The other spouse is served the divorce papers so that he or she can respond (this can take a long time)
      • The other spouse has 20 days to file his or her response
      • The court schedules a case management conference – usually within 90 days
      • Mediation is set, which involves waiting for another 30 to 90 days
      • If spouses cannot agree on all terms through mediation, the case must go to trial; waiting for a trial date can take more time
      • The trial – which can take as long as needed for the presentation of each spouse’s case after which the judge makes a determination
      • The Final Judgment

      Because of this long, tedious process, your divorce can six months to a year, even if you and your spouse agree on everything.

      At Jeffrey A. Rapkin, Esq., we complete all the steps of your divorce in one sitting, file everything electronically with the County Clerk’s office that day, and, after the 20-day waiting period required by the state, your divorce will be available for the Final Judgment to be signed off by the judge.